Solar Economics

Are Solar Panels too expensive?
No. Green Power Solutions believes in bringing you low-cost solar solutions with the installation of solar panels at zero upfront cost. Understanding the immense utility purpose of solar, we have kept our prices at competitive rates so that when it comes to financing your purchase it won’t burn a hole in your pocket for sure.
Is money saving possible with solar installation?
Absolutely. Green Power Solutions facilitates you with affordable and economical solar energy solutions for both domestic and commercial purposes and enables you to save a lot more than you can think about.
Are there any factors that can fluctuate my moneys savings on monthly solar use?
Green Power Solutions ensures you to have the minimal amount of fluctuations causing on a monthly solar use. However, few of the notable fluctuations that may occur are weather, length of the month, and the amount of energy used.
What if I am not available while my solar using tenure?
To give you a complete satisfactory solar energy term, Green Power Solutions charges according to the mutually agreed regular monthly payment.
Is the extra solar energy generated chargeable?
Excess solar energy that has been produced might be subjected to rolling over as a credit of the following month’s bill in accordance with net metering laws and utility provider in the respective state.

Solar Mechanics

Does Green Power Solutions have any grid service?
Yes, Green Power Solutions provides microgrid services and are principally used for rural and isolated locations to provide solutions off the grid.
What factors determine a good candidate for domestic solar?
After conducting a complete, detailed on-site survey, Green Power Solutions determines the compatibility levels for your domestic solar use depending on the following factors:

  • Roof size, pitch, and direction
  • Shading of the roof caused by tree branches, other homes, etc.
  • Roof obstructions such as chimneys, pipes, etc.
  • Roof stability and strength
  • Electrical wiring
What if I want solar panels to be installed under overcast climatic conditions?
Green Power Solutions endeavors it’s most dedicated and sincere efforts towards proliferating solar solutions to each one who is in need of it. We will definitely install solar panels under overcast climatic conditions but performance will be affected unless the sun is sufficiently bright and shining.
After installation how soon can I see the solar energy system starts working?
Depending upon the local city and utility company, Green Power Solutions tries to operate the entire system and work on generating the same as soon as it can be possible. However, a clear idea of this is not possible unless the complete installation is implemented.
What differentiates solar power from other modes of energy production?
Unlike the other forms of energy that are produced from fossil fuels (coal, petroleum, and natural gas), Solar energy is derived directly from the rays of the sun. Both of them are known for generating electricity for domestic and commercial purposes but due to the non-renewable nature of the former one, solar energy stands out as a wonderful alternative with renewability characteristics. Also, solar energy is a clean and pure form of energy that in no way contributes any kind of pollution to the environment unlike the conventional forms of energy that are responsible for leaking poisonous gases into the atmosphere.

Solar Logistics

What happens to the solar system installed in case I plan of moving out?
In case you are moving you, contact Green power Solutions Assistance team and they shall do their best to help you manage with the transfer process.
Is solar installation possible for communities?
In a motive to secure limited resources and driving towards procreating a safer and cleaner environment, Green Power Solutions extends its services domains to both domestic and commercial sectors. If the housing authorities come in mutual terms with installing solar systems, our team will start off with the process immediately.

Solar Engineering

What happens to the panels in times of power outrage?
In times of a power outrage, the systems will automatically shut down in order to maintain safety protocols of the repairmen working in the power lines.
Will the solar panels start degrading with the passage of time?
Due to constant exposure to environmental factors like the sun, weather, there can be a very negligible percentage of degradation that can take place. Other than that, Green Power Solutions ensures you non-degradable and long-lasting solar panels.
Do solar panels affect the roof quality?
No. Solar panels that are generally attached to your roof encompass strict scrutiny by Green Power Solutions site engineers and ensure that no kind of leakage takes place.
What is the per hour watt charge of a solar panel?
Solar panels are responsible for variant amounts of energy production throughout the day and fluctuating factors like location, orientation, tilt, weather, season, shade also play a part in it. Solar panels generate massive power when it is receiving direct sun exposure in the afternoons rather than the early mornings and evenings when the lights start to become low.

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